5 Tasty Mexican Dishes You Should Try

Mexican foods are now world famous. People around the world now eat Mexican food. This is why the number of Mexican restaurants is increasing as well. Here are some tasty Mexican dishes you should try when you go to a Mexican restaurant.


It is a tortilla wrap that is filled with lots of delicious ingredients and topped with chili sauce. The fillings include a blend of meat, beans, cheese, vegetables and even seafood. The enchilada is baked with grated cheese melted over the top and served with chili sauce. Sour cream is also added.


Portions of hot chicken or beef are piled into a fresh corn tortilla. It is then folded into a half moon shape. Flavors like chili sauce, guacamole, and fresh coriander are added.


This dish is particularly served during birthdays or other celebrations. It consists of various ingredients like tomatoes, chocolate, dried fruit, garlic, cumin, cloves, etc. It’s served with turkey, and sometimes with chicken or pork as well.


This is a popular street dish in Mexico. It consists of grains of corn that are boiled in salted water and sauteed in butter. Onions, chopped chiles, and epazote are added. This is then served in small cups and seasoned with lime juice, chili, and mayonnaise.


It is a traditional Mexican dish. It can be found in various fillings and flavors. It consists of a corn-based dough and wrapped in a plantain leaf. It is then boiled or steamed. The dough is filled with fish or meats, vegetables, cheese, and spices. It is usually served for breakfast or lunch. Chicken and pork are popular fillings served with salsa. You can have it as a desert as well with a filling of sweetened raisins or other fruits.

If you haven’t tried these dishes yet, you should go to a good Mexican restaurant and try it. These are delicious dishes, and you will love the tastes.