4 Commonly Used Mexican Spices

Mexican foods are famous for its flavors. Authentic Mexican foods are not spicy; they are flavorful. Without these spices, you won’t get the authentic taste of the Mexican dishes. Here are four Mexican spices that are mostly used in Mexican dishes.


It is the most common Mexican spice. You can get it in various forms, such as fresh, jarred or powder form. It is added to salsa and taco seasoning. Onion powder is also used along with garlic in many dishes.


You will find different kinds of oregano available in the market. Mexican oregano and Mediterranean oregano are mostly used. Oregano creates a fresh taste in Mexican dishes, that’s why it is used in many Mexican dishes.


Though cumin was discovered in the Mediterranean, it is a big part of the Mexican dishes. Cumin can be grown all over the world. It has a bitter and toasty taste. Cumin is an important Mexican spice. It is often used in taco seasonings.

Chile Powder

Chili powder contains oregano and cumin along with chiles. It is used to season meats and vegetables. You will find various kinds of chile powder, like ancho and chipotle. These have different recipes.

Though the Mexican recipe varies, the spices that are used are consistent. Without these spices, the Mexican dishes will not have their signature flavor. You can vary some spices used in the dishes and adjust the heat as well. With these spices, you can enjoy fresh Mexican dish daily.